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Cultures collaborate in musical showcase for reconciliation at Sagebrush Theatre

Music for the People

Photo credit: CFJC Today

Aug 15, 2022

Kamloops, B.C. – A musical and cultural experience for reconciliation was enjoyed on Sunday (Aug. 14) to heal wounds caused by the discovery of the unmarked graves at the former Kamloops Residential School site.

Music For The People saw the collaboration between multiple musical arts through the Margit Sky Project, the Kamloops Symphony and the Sage Hills drummers and dancers.

Creating the show was meant to help people heal from the trauma caused by the residential school system.

“Well, music itself is very healing right as we can hear with the people with us tonight singing along, using your voice certainly does some healing,” says Rod Bandura of the Margit Sky Project.
“All music is healing and, like Rod said, he wanted to contribute music to remember the people who were lost and it was a wonderful event to connect music and healing and dancing and the ceremonies,” Barbara Morin of the Kamloops Residential School Society adds.

To honour the lives lost and those affected by Canadian residential schools and, specifically in Kamloops, local performers involved were grateful to bring different cultures and music together.

“Tonight was awesome to be able to sing with Rod and the Kamloops Symphony to bring two different styles of music it feel really good,” says performer Jay Bearhead.

“The symphony, which is kind of colonialism, with the drummers and with the band — it was all different cultures. It was a no-brainer and, man, to have a standing ovation in Kamloops is amazing,” adds producer Doug Perry.

A major piece of the show was the collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous performers and those involved say it was special to see.

“This is something that happened for a long time and to be able to come together in a supportive way with a non-Indigenous music community and an Indigenous one and to support those people dealing with the trauma from those schools — it’s a step in the right direction,” Bearhead adds.

Part of the proceeds from the concert will go to the Kamloops Residential School Survivors Society.

“With this donation we’ll be able to reach out to more remote communities that we’re hardly able to get to, it’s a blessing to have partnered with the Margit Sky Project for this event,” Morin says.

The emotional impact of the night was seen both on stage and behind the scenes while creating the show.

“My mother actually went to the residential school in Kamloops, so we’re really happy. I’m a survivor and we’re really happy it came together the way it did as we appreciate all the people that showed up. It was awesome,” Bandura adds.

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To set up an interview with Margit and Rod, contact:

Aleece Laird, Communications Liaison | | 250.574.0221

About Music For The People – A Cultural Experience

Music For the People is a unique concert event bringing the voices, music, and artistry of Indigenous and non‐Indigenous people together for an unforgettable evening. The concert brings culture, music, artists, and communities together and is suitable for all ages.


To assist First Nation Peoples in British Columbia to recognize and be holistically empowered from the primary and generational effect of the Residential Schools by supporting research, education, awareness, partner ships, and advocating for justice and healing. The Society assists Survivors with counselling, court support, information, referrals, workshops, and more.

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